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Did you know the man in the newspaper? A middle-aged woman with a knapsack on her back seemed to be looking for a place to sit down. He had his car stolen in broad daylight. We need to finish this before Dory gets here. Tandy isn't big enough. Precise measurements are required. I know exactly what you're thinking. Why don't you let me be the judge of that? If I knew how to use a computer, maybe they would pay me more. We've got a lot in common.

I am happy that I can be yours. Parking and admission are free.

Don't expect any mercy from me. Julie said that he doesn't like this color. Thank God nobody died.

I've lost my wallet. I'm pissed! Leonard walked back into the living room. There's a boy. Teri's father doesn't approve of him having long hair and a beard. I won't tell anyone. I don't approve of his conduct.

A certain door-to-door salesman made a fool of a trusting old lady and went off with a lot of her money.

You are my eye candy. I got so nervous for nothing. Angela turned down the TV. I like your friend very much.

We have made several failed attempts at foresting the local landfill. You should avail yourself of the books in the library. Vijay had several disappointments.

For us tourism is very important. He realized a large sum by the sale of the plantation. The ship wasn't ready for battle. Olof is being tried for murder. Somebody must be at the bottom of this affair. There seemed to be several explanations of the case, but the police hit on the right one the first time. She loves her boyfriend. I'm a terrible dancer.

He affirmed the truth of her statement. This is the first time I've ever planted a tree.

I beg to differ with you. Nothing was wrong. There wasn't anyone in the park.

The only one who knows what to do is Jin. Peace is not the absence of war; peace is a virtue, a mindset, a disposition towards kindness, trust, justice. Juha waited up.

They scoffed at our efforts. Sundar should be back by now. Show him how it's done. Albert flipped the page and continued reading. Did Google ban you? You can blame it all on Spass. Nobody can love him. Do you know what you're asking? She gets prettier day by day.

I'm probably not as hungry as Moses is.